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“T1 Training System” – Interactive Laser Training Unit Training of staff to handle small arms.

  • Skill acquisition of aiming fire at both stationary and moving targets.
  • Training exercises from the small arms and combat vehicle weapons Shooting Courses Ability to conduct individual weapons training and competitions between several participants.


The Limited Liability Company “Interactive Systems Plus” produces the “T1 Training System,” an interactive laser simulator for small arms weapons training.
“Interactive Systems Plus” has the capacity to produce more than 300 simulators a year.
As of today, the T1 Simulator has been accepted for delivery to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by order No. 205 of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, dated May 29th, 2018.


  • A Ukrainian product that provides prompt service and methodological support and flexibility in modernization,
  • Safety – no ammunition makes the simulator completely safe,
  • Compactness – the simulator does not require a special room, a working space of 4×6 m is enough, Mobility – the system can be deployed in a standard tent,
  • Realistic models of training weapons and usual types of shooting ranges, realistic sound,
  • Low price and cost of ownership, economic efficiency (removes the cost of ammunition and covering a target environment, lifts, etc.)